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Michigan Mega Middle School Cross Country Jamboree

26 Oct
Michigan Mega Middle School Cross Country Jamboree
The Mustangs competed in the Michigan Mega Middle School Cross Country Jamboree on Saturday October 22nd. The weather was outstanding and we brought home one medal. There were 122 overall female participants and 135 overall male runners.  The participants in the 1.5 mile course for the team included:
Donae’ Adams – 12:25 (PR) / 30th place …/ Medal
Sydney Colding – 14:18 (PR) / 78th place
Ian Clark – 16:27 / 116th place
Anthony Hardy – 17:30 / 128th place


‎2011 Hanson’s Cross Country Carnival Southfield Mustangs Results

17 Oct
‎2011 Hanson’s Cross Country Carnival
Donning our official Mustang racing gear three k-6 runners represented the team in the third meet of the season.  The Hanson’s Cross Country Carnival was held at Delia Park and the weather was cold and wet.  All K-6 athletes were supposed to run a full 3K however the boys field of athletes took the wrong turn which resulted in a 1.3 mile course for them.  Rep…resenting the Mustang K-6 runners wasIan Clark – 15:32 and 39th place out of over 80 runners.The girls race was a full 3K (1.86 miles) with equally as many runners.  They included:

Donae Adams – 19:50 and 21st place
Sydney Colding – 20:24 and 24th place

Southfield Mustangs at ‎2011 Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational

17 Oct
‎2011 Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational
The second cross country meet of the season was graced with a picture perfect day.  It was the Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational and was held at Willow Metro Park on 9/17/2011.The Mustangs had two high school athletes compete and seven K-6 athletes. The Mustang Varsity Runners competed with other athletes from Division 2,… 3, and 4 schools in a traditional 5K run.  Their times and places in a field of over 100 runners were:

Donovan Luttrell – 19:31 and 40th place
Joshua Cummings – 21:06 and 62nd place

The K-6 Mustang athletes competed in a 1.3 mile course against hundreds of other youth.  They were not given places but the top 100 kids to cross the line received award ribbons.  Listed below are the seven Mustang Runners  that competed, their times and the ones which received a ribbon:

Trevor Francisco – 10:38  (Top 100 Ribbon)
Donae Adams – 10:56 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Maia Solomon – 11:03 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Brooke Solomon – 12:16 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Ian Clark – 13:10
Taylor Brooks – 16:07
Anthony Hardy – 16:30

17 Oct


Scholarship Listings African American Resources

3 Oct

 SCHOLARSHIP LISTINGS African American Resources

1. Wake Forest University has an opportunity for minority students to attend its MBA program
for FREE, and so far, the response has been very poor. Please pass along this
opportunity to your friends, families. This is a great school and a tremendous
opportunity to attend a top graduate school. See the details below, the contact
person is: Derrick S. Boone, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Rm. 3139
Worrell Professional Center, Babcock Graduate School of Management – Wake Forest
University_ WINSTON_SALEM N. C 27109-8738 email: or visit phone# toll free (866) 925-3622

2. Black Male Teachers needed. Do you know any Black Males who are seniors in high
school who want to go to college out of state for FREE? The CALL ME MISTER
program offered by 4 historical black colleges in South Carolina, Benedict
College, Chaflin University, Morris College and South Carolina State University
– visit the details online application or call 1,800,640,2657
3. Harvard University is offering  free tuition to families of HONOR STUDENTS and their income is less than
$125,000 per year. Visit www.fao.fas.harvard.edc/ or call 617,495,1581.
4. Syracuse University School of Architecture is desperately seeking young women
and men of color interested in pursuing a 5 yr. professional degree in
Architecture. Contact: Mark Robbins, Dean School of Architecture, 201 Slocum
Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244-1250 (315) 443-2256

5. Alliance for Community Empowerment (ACE) offers the following services: Mobile Response
Team (any age) Gang Awareness (any age) Strengthening Families Course (age
10-14) Leadership Academy (age 12-16) services are offered throughout San Diego
and are FREE – please call 1,800. ACE-9458.
6. A free pair of eyeglasses from Target for any child ages 12 and under brings a valid
prescription for glasses from their doctor. You can find stores with optical
departments at APPLY NOW – If you have/know young adults between the ages
of 18-31 with a High School Diploma. Can earn up to $100,000 and earn benefits.
The Federal Aviation Association is taking application for Air Traffic
Controller School visit the website

a. The Urban League of San Diego County offer the following services FREE.

A. Financial Literacy Workshop
B. First Time Home Buyer Workshop
C. Review of Documents for Home Loan Modification or Refinance.
D.Credit and Debt Management Workshop
E. Identity Theft
F. Senior Advocate
Help Please call 619,266,6237 for additional information and
8. FREE TUTORING, provided by San Diego County Office of Education –
Foster Youth Services Program: COST: Free – Times:
Determined by the Tutor based on Student/Tutor availability locations: In-home
school, or history. Contact: Sophie Lor, Project Supv. 858,503,2627 or Michelle
Bailow, Educational Liaison 858,503,2639 for more information. Who is eligible:
Foster youth in SD County placed in out-of-home care, except foster youth placed
in kinship, with relatives.
INFORMATION  that should be passed on…..
Even if you do not have a college-aged child at home, please share this with someone who does and to
anyone and everyone that comes to mind. Though there are a number of companies
and organizations that have donated money for scholarships to African Americans,
a great deal of the money is being returned because of a lack of interest or awareness.
Take the initiative to get your children involved. Money shouldn’t be returned to donating companies because we fail to apply for it.
Please pass this information on to family members, nieces, nephews,
friends with children
, schools, churches, etc. We must get
the word out that money is available. If you are a college student or getting
ready to become one, you probably already know how useful additional money can be.
(If clicking on the link doesn’t work, then type in the Web site address manually.)

2) Student Inventors Scholarships
3) Student Video Scholarships /vidcon2k.html
4) Coca-Cola Two Year College Scholarships
5) Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships
6) Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships http:/ /
7) Brand Essay Competition
8) Gates Millennlum=20 Scholarships (major)
9) Xerox Scholarships for Students
10) Sports Scholarships and Internships
11) National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships (NABJ) http://www/
12) Saul T. Wilson Scholarships (Veterinary)
13) Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund http://www.thurgoodmarshallfundorg/sk_v6.cfm
14) FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid scholarships)
15) Presidential Freedom Scholarships
16) Microsoft Scholarship Program
17) WiredScholar Free Scholarship Searchhttp://
18) Hope Scholarships &Lifetime Credits
19) William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students
20) Multiple List of Minority Scholarships
21) Guaran teed Scholarships
22) BOEING scholarships (some HBCU connects)
23) Easley National Scholarship Program
24) Maryland Artists Scholarships
26) Jacki Tuckfie ld Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship (for AA students in South Florida)
27) Historically Black College &University Scholarships
28) Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students
29) International Students Scholarships &Aid Help
30) College Board Scholarship Search
31) Burger King Scholarship=20 Program
32) Siemens Westinghouse Competition http://www.siemens-foundationorg/
33) GE and LuLac Scholarship Funds
34) CollegeNet ‘ s Scholarship Database
35) Union Sponsored Scholarships and Aid http://www.aflcioorg/scholarships/scholar.htm
36) Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways 25
Gateways from Black
37) Scholarship &Financial Aid Help
38) Scholarship Links (Ed Finance Group)
39) FAFSA On The Web (Your Key Aid Form &Info)
40) Aid &Resources For Reentry Students
41) Scholarships and Fellowships tml
42) Scholarships for Study in Paralegal Studies
43) HBCU Packard Sit Abroad Scholarships (for study around the world)
44) Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities
45) INROADS internships
46) ACT-SO bEURoeOlympics of the Mind ‘A Scholarships’ttp://
47) Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships’ttp:// <
48) ScienceNet Scholarship Listing’ttp://
49) Graduate Fellowships For Minorities Nationwide’ttp://
<> /info.html
51) The Roothbert Scholarship Fund ‘ttp://