Southfield Mustangs at ‎2011 Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational

17 Oct
‎2011 Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational
The second cross country meet of the season was graced with a picture perfect day.  It was the Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational and was held at Willow Metro Park on 9/17/2011.The Mustangs had two high school athletes compete and seven K-6 athletes. The Mustang Varsity Runners competed with other athletes from Division 2,… 3, and 4 schools in a traditional 5K run.  Their times and places in a field of over 100 runners were:

Donovan Luttrell – 19:31 and 40th place
Joshua Cummings – 21:06 and 62nd place

The K-6 Mustang athletes competed in a 1.3 mile course against hundreds of other youth.  They were not given places but the top 100 kids to cross the line received award ribbons.  Listed below are the seven Mustang Runners  that competed, their times and the ones which received a ribbon:

Trevor Francisco – 10:38  (Top 100 Ribbon)
Donae Adams – 10:56 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Maia Solomon – 11:03 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Brooke Solomon – 12:16 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Ian Clark – 13:10
Taylor Brooks – 16:07
Anthony Hardy – 16:30

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