U. S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center’s (TARDEC’s) Summer Hire Program

11 Feb

The U. S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center’s (TARDEC’s) Summer Hire Program exposes aspiring high school graduates and college students to the multiple engineering and technological projects that support TARDEC’s mission.
The overall purpose of the program is to foster interest in science and engineering career fields while highlighting the many benefits TARDEC has to offer. Students get to explore technology that could ultimately lead to the increased survivability of our troops while ensuring an agile, lethal and ready force.  We hope this experience may influence them to pursue an education within the engineering and scientific fields and upon their college graduation we hope these students will keep TARDEC in the forefront of their ultimate career choice.

The students are assigned to projects that are developed by experienced and established TARDEC Senior Engineers. The projects are selected for the Summer Hire Program based on how beneficial they will be to existing TARDEC programs while providing the students an opportunity to apply their own knowledge and skills in a professional working environment.  Serving as team leaders for the project team are TARDEC Junior Engineers, which mainly consist of engineering interns or college engineering co-ops. The Junior Engineers have an opportunity to receive firsthand experience in project management and team leadership, a trait that could be crucial to long-term management success.  The Junior Engineers, along with their summer hire teammates, are responsible for regularly reporting project status and accomplishments to their respective Senior Engineers.

*An announcement will be posted February 4 – 6, 2013 at: www.USAjobs.gov

* Only recent high school graduates and currently enrolled college/university students qualify.

* Positions are full-time.

* The title of the position is Student Trainee (Engineering Aid/Technician). To narrow the search results choose Warren, MI as the location, 0899 as the job series and pay grade GS 02/04.

* Applicants must be U.S. Citizens, age 16 and above. High school graduates & undergraduate college students must have demonstrated interest in Engineering & Science (E&S) careers through academic coursework and/or extracurricular activities.


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