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USATF Level 1 Recertification process

11 Jan

Level 1 Recertification Program

Click here to begin the Level 1 Recertification process. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, please check your junk mail.

Recertification for Level 1 coaches is being implemented January 1, 2015. The accredited course will consist of a 4 year recertification period. The current recertification period will certify coaches for Level 1 through Dec. 31, 2020. The 2015 Level 1 course provides an updated and improved curriculum with a second edition textbook and inclusion of two modules provided by USADA on PEDs. The recertification assures a Level 1 coach of available cutting edge information at the end of each Olympiad to keep his/her certification current. The Coaching Education Committee will be offering a variety of CEUs courses for recertification each 4 year cycle.  Coaches who had obtained their Level 2 certification are not required to recertify a Level 1 certification.

Level 1 coaches who have been certified prior to January 1, 2013, must choose one of the following two options to complete and have their Level 1 certification extended through December 31, 2020. Students will have access to a new Level 1 Certificate as they recertify.

Option 1: Repeat a twenty-one hour LEVEL 1 course which will include the new, second edition textbook, and revised curriculum delivered by qualified instructors. The new curriculum will be implemented into all 2015 LEVEL 1 schools.  Level 1 recertification for repeating the course will be good through Dec.31, 2020. In addition to the new curriculum presentations which are aligned with the second edition textbook, the student gains new material from two online USADA modules when they take the revised online exam. The USADA modules and online exam must be passed with an 80% grade to receive a certification through December 31, 2020.

Option 2:  Current certified Level 1 coaches prior to January 1, 2013 may also recertify through December 31, 2016 with the following instructions:

• With a current USATF membership, make payment of the $55 recertification fee and fill out the coach profile with date of current Level 1 certification.
• Within 10 days of verification of certification access will be granted via email to the online exam and USADA modules for a period of 90 days.
• With completion of modules and 80% grade on the online exam, your new Level 1 certificate will be available to print. New certification will be good through December 31, 2020.
• The Level 1 textbook may be purchased at the USATF store utilizing the membership discount. We anticipate that many coaches may have purchased the textbook prior to signing up for the recertification. The second edition Level 1 textbook is required to prepare and pass the online exam.
• Click here to access the verification and payment page.

Policies for Recertification:
Any LEVEL 1 coach who received their certification PRIOR to Dec. 31, 2012, will be required to recertify before Dec. 31, midnight, 2016. Level 1 Coaches who have not recertified by December 31, midnight, 2016 will be removed from the certification database. Any Level 1 coach is entitled to seek a permanent LEVEL 2 certification prior to Dec. 31, midnight, 2016 to continue as a USATF certified Coach. Level 2 schools will be available in July of 2015 and 2016.
Level 1 coaches who fail to recertify will be removed from the USATF Coaching Education database of certified coaches as of December 31, 2016 and will not be eligible for participation in the Level 2 event specific course until a new Level 1 course is completed.


2011 Michigan: AAU Cross Country District Qualifier

16 Nov

The district qualifier was filled with bitter and sweet emotions. The end results were 3 qualifiers for the Nationals out of 4 runners. They included:

Anthony Hardy: Primary / 3rd place / 18:22.50 / 2K

Sydney Colding: Sub Bantam / 3rd place / 18:01.00 / 3K

Donae’ Adams: DNF (became ill) 3K

Donovan Luttrell: Intermediate / 10th place / 21:41.60 / 5K

‎2011 Hanson’s Cross Country Carnival Southfield Mustangs Results

17 Oct
‎2011 Hanson’s Cross Country Carnival
Donning our official Mustang racing gear three k-6 runners represented the team in the third meet of the season.  The Hanson’s Cross Country Carnival was held at Delia Park and the weather was cold and wet.  All K-6 athletes were supposed to run a full 3K however the boys field of athletes took the wrong turn which resulted in a 1.3 mile course for them.  Rep…resenting the Mustang K-6 runners wasIan Clark – 15:32 and 39th place out of over 80 runners.The girls race was a full 3K (1.86 miles) with equally as many runners.  They included:

Donae Adams – 19:50 and 21st place
Sydney Colding – 20:24 and 24th place

Southfield Mustangs at ‎2011 Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational

17 Oct
‎2011 Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational
The second cross country meet of the season was graced with a picture perfect day.  It was the Huron River High School Cross Country Invitational and was held at Willow Metro Park on 9/17/2011.The Mustangs had two high school athletes compete and seven K-6 athletes. The Mustang Varsity Runners competed with other athletes from Division 2,… 3, and 4 schools in a traditional 5K run.  Their times and places in a field of over 100 runners were:

Donovan Luttrell – 19:31 and 40th place
Joshua Cummings – 21:06 and 62nd place

The K-6 Mustang athletes competed in a 1.3 mile course against hundreds of other youth.  They were not given places but the top 100 kids to cross the line received award ribbons.  Listed below are the seven Mustang Runners  that competed, their times and the ones which received a ribbon:

Trevor Francisco – 10:38  (Top 100 Ribbon)
Donae Adams – 10:56 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Maia Solomon – 11:03 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Brooke Solomon – 12:16 (Top 100 Ribbon)
Ian Clark – 13:10
Taylor Brooks – 16:07
Anthony Hardy – 16:30


10 Aug

To Interested Athletes

 (Informational Meeting and first practice)

(Primary-Young Men/Women)

Date: Monday August 22nd 2011

Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Practice Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (meets on Saturdays)

Location: Inglenook Park  (12 Mile Rd. Sfld MI. between Evergreen and Lahser)

Registration Fee: $54.00 (includes AAU Membership for 2011-2012)

Contact: Coach Denise Dandridge (248) 990-1763 with questions